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Service life analysis of screw pump and gear pump

Time:2023-05-24 Hits:252

  Gear pump and screw pump comparison: the two are both positive displacement pumps, so their performance is basically similar - stable transport of high-viscosity substances, have a higher transport pressure. However, the screw pump has one of the biggest shortcomings that determines its inapplicability - the non-streamlined surface of the screw pump and the many defects in the chamber determine its short life, but the screw pump can transport the liquid with high concentration, and the gear pump can not be transported.

Gear pump product features: long service life: maintain a certain gap between the two rounds, no friction between each other, no wear. There is no contact between the rotor and the rotor, long-term use without wear, smooth operation, low noise, high efficiency. Wide range of application: conveying medium with high viscosity, concentration and task containing particles, is the ideal product to replace screw pump. The pump is a positive displacement pump, the transport flow can be more accurate control and can be easily made into variable pump. The output flow of the centrifugal pump can not be controlled, and the increase of the resistance decreases; The pump has a strong self-priming ability, the self-priming distance is more than 5 meters, and the self-priming performance of the screw pump is almost no, if you force the screw pump self-priming, it will be taken as the early damage of the screw pump stator.